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Who Is Fancy - "Goodbye" Campaign

In December of 2014 I directed a series of music videos for a new artist with Scooter Braun Projects and Universal Republic. The idea behind the campaign was to create multpile variations of a music video for Fancy's debut single "Goodbye." Each video was identical except for one thing - the person portraying Fancy. At this point, nobody knew what Fancy looked like or what gender he was. All they knew was the song from the radio, and 3 videos in which any single person could be the real Fancy. After the buzz, Fancy revealed himself on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - proving to be none of the actors from the video, with an image you may not have imagined. Ultimately the project was a different approach to break a new artist, but the theme still speaks loudly - If you like a song, just like it. It doesn't matter what the person who sings it looks like.

"Goodbye" version 1

"Goodbye" version 2

"Goodbye" version 3

Fancy talks with The Today Show about the project

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